Monday, July 15, 2013

The Quiet Deck

Our Quiet Deck
It is a beautiful summer's morning. I sit on what we call 'our quiet deck', surrounded by trees and sunshine, birdsong and chipmunks. And I marvel at the skill of the hands that built this little hideaway and the ingenuity of the design that wrapped the deck around the tree. This whole house, in fact, bears the marks of a master carpenter, one who must have worked day and night to make this home what it is. And it makes me smile to think about that previous owner and how, although he was making these home improvements for himself and his family to enjoy, he was also preparing this home for us.
And somewhere, in a place no one has ever seen, a master carpenter works to prepare a home for us. This home will surpass all our earthly dreams and all ingenious architectural designs. It's a home where we will have nothing to maintain, nothing to mend and no mortgage to pay. And this is why we teach, and this is why we that every room in that house might be full.


  1. Nothing to mend, no mortgage to pay, Amen, worth teaching and preaching for!

  2. Thank you! Love this - so that every room might be full.