Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Endings...

When I was a little girl, I loved the stories of The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.


Because despite the best efforts of the big bad wolf, the ugly sisters or the wicked witch, all my favorite characters managed to live 'happily ever after'. I have always loved stories with a happy ending. I still do. I think everyone does.
And if we serve in children's ministry what a privilege we have- to carry with us the greatest story ever told, with the happiest ending imaginable!

The gospel story is a fairy tale come true, penned by the author of happy endings. 

Those three little pigs may have suffered along the way but in the end, they lived 'happily ever after'.

So will we. And so will the children we nurture.

Are you ready to encourage them this week?

Let us fix our eyes upon Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith. Hebrews 12: 2

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