Monday, August 15, 2011

Eagle or Hummingbird?

From our vantage point in the boat below, I kept the binoculars steady as the enormous bald eagle came into view. I watched, spellbound, as he soared toward his giant nest where the female and juvenile were waiting. The whole tree shook as he extended his legs and clutched the branch with his talons. It reminded me of the landing gear coming down from an airplane. Unbelievable!  One hour later, we were back in the cottage, watching tiny hummingbirds as they hovered around the feeders. Up, down, forwards, and backwards they flew, their incredible little bills dipping in and out as they came to perch on tiny mounts with their miniature feet. Amazing! Which bird was my favorite? I could not choose. Both were equally beautiful.
God does not have favorites either. Whether we minister to one child, or one hundred; whether we serve in a big church, or small church; eagle, or hummingbird… we are equally beautiful to Him.

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