Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why Kids' Ministry Matters...

Orrell Post Methodist Church,
I was 10 years old.
The year was 1969.
It was a cold Sunday evening...

In the little Northern English town of Wigan, my sister and I sat in the back pew of the Methodist church. I remember only one part of that service. The preacher asked is there anyone here who wants to ask Jesus to be their friend forever?

I looked at my sister. She looked at me. 'Shall we do that?' I whispered to her.

If she had not been with me that night, I might never have knelt at that altar rail.

I might never have felt that preacher's hand on my head as she whispered words that have long since faded from my mind.

I might never have felt special as I waited at the little bus stop for the bus to take me home.

I might never have grown up with a passion for children's ministry.

I might never be writing this blog to encourage others as they lead kids to Christ.

I am 51 years old. The year is 2010. And kids' ministry matters...


  1. well i must say, this is very well done. xo

  2. ooh- thanks you two! My very first comments! I always knew daughters would be fun :)

  3. I remember it well Glenys. I was 12 years old and I recall how excited we were to tell mum and dad when we got back home. It's not been an easy journey over the past 40 years but that is something no-one can ever take away from us - the day we gave our lives to Jesus.
    I never saw the preacher again for many years but she came to Bethel a few years ago and I talked to her about that night. Of course, she didn't remember it but I did, and that's such an important lesson. We will sometimes never know what happens to a seed we may have sown, but somewhere it is being fed and watered, and someone is remembering a word said,a song sung or a story read, somewhere in the past.
    God bless your new venture, Glenys.
    With love from your big sister xxx

  4. Thanks for sharing that Pauline....what a lovely message! That's a great thought too, about sowing seeds & never really knowing what happens to them...I love the way you said that. I have started this blog to encourage other Children's Ministry leaders...don't know where it will take me but it's fun!