Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Impressions...

Our New Home
My husband and I stood on the doorstep of what would become our new home.

As our realtor turned the key in the lock, I wondered what would greet us when we stepped through the door. Would it be the smell of dogs or cats? Would it be gloomy and dark? Would it be old and in need of some repair? I hoped not! In our search for a new home in Grand Rapids, all of these things had been among our first impressions.

I need not have worried. We opened the door and...WOW! We loved it! 

Our first impressions were of light and space; a home that had obviously been carefully prepared for us; a place of warmth and welcome. More than that, this was a place of possibilities. I turned to my husband and whispered, 'I can imagine us living here.'

Every Sunday, each of us who serve in Children's Ministry may have potential buyers who are ready to step through our doors.

What will their first impressions be?
Will it be a WOW moment for them?

My prayer is that children and parents will be greeted by warmth and welcome; that they will find a home that has been lovingly and carefully prepared for them; a place of light, space, and most of all, possibilities.

My prayer is that as those families step through our doors, they will turn to each other and whisper, 'I can imagine us worshiping here.'



  1. This is a wonderful analogy. I feel so blessed to be worshiping in a church under the guidance of you & David...our children have many blessings ahead of them!

  2. Thanks so much Nicky...we feel like the blessings are ours!