Monday, April 23, 2012

Are You in Too Deep?

If I was given the choice, I would probably choose shallow waters rather than deep.

When I'm swimming in a lake, I like to be able to put my feet down and know that I can stand up. I much prefer the warmer temperatures of shallow waters, and I love to paddle and dip my toes just at the edge of the ocean.

But I have to admit, I'm a little envious of those braver folks that go out into the deep. After all, I'll never be able to plunge, if I continually choose to paddle. I'll never have the opportunity to surf a mighty wave if I choose to stay where the teeny ripples are. And there's absolutely no way I will ever catch a salmon in four feet of water.

And I that what I'm like in my ministry...afraid to step out and take a risk? Am I paddling around at the edge, where I've always been, afraid to make changes, or try anything different? Because if I am, then I'm missing out on the incredible opportunities that await me if only I could venture out into the deep. 

This is my prayer:
Jesus, hold my hand.
Lead me out into deeper waters.
Help me to plunge instead of paddle.
Let me choose to surf rather than be safe.
And let me be a catcher of big fish...for you. Amen.

Friends..we can paddle all day long when we get to heaven. While we're here on earth, there's no such thing as being in too deep.

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  1. Glenys, I agree totally with you, let's go sailing in deep water!

    1. Only if you get me a bigger life jacket & a new mast...

    2. It's a deal!