Monday, October 24, 2011

Making Connections

 It is 4.30 pm on a Monday afternoon.

In our classroom, several little boys and girls are quietly reading. Some are lying down, some are sitting. All are surrounded by books.

Suddenly, the peace is shattered by an excited cry. 'I made a connection! I made a connection!' The other kids smile as little Johnny bookmarks his page so that he can share what he has found with the whole class later.

All these kids know that 'Making Connections'- to ourselves, another text, or the world in which we live is an important skill in learning to read. And learning to read is something that every child needs.

As we serve in children's ministry, each one of us is making a connection.

We have the privilege of being able to connect a child with God....and as we pray for them and share God's word with them; as we love them and lead by example, we are making that connection stronger.

And a strong connection with God is something that every child needs.

I am the vine; you are the branches. John 15:5

Question: Who connected you with


  1. Hi Glenys, I think it was you & your Dad!
    Love David

  2. Thanks David! It was Dad for me too!