Thursday, August 25, 2011


When my son was younger he used to keep discus fish in a large aquarium in his room. These beautiful tropical fish are extremely sensitive, easily flustered, and require meticulous care. They especially need to be kept in clean water and require regular water changes. The trouble was...our fish hated that process. One day, as I drained the old water from the tank and started to move the rocks around, those sensitive fish became so fearful! They scurried around frantically from one side of the tank to the other, so nervous about what was happening. I looked at them through the glass and wished that I could communicate with them. If only I could tell them that I was changing the water for their own good..but of course, that was impossible. They simply needed to trust me.
Do you fear changes in your ministry? Maybe we are like those sensitive discus fish... scurrying around in our own little world, worrying about what's happening, when all along, the changes might be for our good. When all along, all we need to do is simply trust God.
Look at these beautiful discus fish...

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