Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hand Sanitizer

It is estimated that in the USA alone, we spend a whopping $80 million every year on hand sanitizer. It is probably money well spent. No one can argue with the fact that hand sanitizer is a necessary protects us from disease, it cleans up our messy hands, it prevents germs from spreading. Hand sanitizer is indispensable in hospitals, clinics, schools, churches, and restaurants- wherever crowds gather, there we will find hand sanitizer. 
But in our 'sanitized' and clinical world, it is easy to forget that sometimes, ministry might require us to get our hands messy, or hold the hand of a dirty child, or reach out and touch something we would rather not hold. We are here to represent Jesus- and without our hands He cannot reach out and touch the lives of others. Are you ready to be vunerable? Whose hand will you hold this week?
Josh Wilson: I Refuse


  1. Right on! We have to make ourselves vulnerable and go to places we don't necessarily want to go and be with people we don't necessarily want to be with—that's Jesus' way.

    And speaking of hand sanitizer, here's a little laugh:

  2. Hi Matt!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog & for following it! Thanks also for the youtube link...loved it! I checked out your blog & was interested in your ministry work in local schools...I teach in an after school program in our local Elementary school The program is funded through United Way & supported by the Community Ministry program at our church, so I know the importance of connecting with the education system. Blessings on your ministry & I hope that my blog posts will sometimes encourage and inspire you!