Monday, September 26, 2011

The Giant 'M' in the Sky

It was late. The road was dark. We still had many miles to go. Suddenly, I spotted what we had been searching for- the luminous giant 'M' in the sky...the golden arches of McDonald's. We pulled off the highway and headed for that bright welcoming sign where we knew we could get a great cup of coffee. When I consider the astonishing fact that there are more United Methodist churches then there are McDonald's restaurants, it makes me wonder....what could we do to attract families toward the bright M of the United Methodist church? Could we:
  • be just as effective in our advertising as McDonald's are?
  • make our children's ministry spaces as welcoming, colorful and fun as their PlayPlaces are?
  • change our 'menu' frequently, to keep interest high?
  • offer fun 'freebies' like kids get in their Happy Meals?
  • make Sunday school a place that kids want to come to more then once a week?
Maybe then we could advertise, along with McDonald's, 'Billions and billions served' -except that we might be able to say 'Billions and billions saved'....
I'm lovin' it.
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