Monday, September 19, 2011

Reigning on High

My sisters & I,
ready to spot the eagles
My two sisters were visiting from England and had never seen a bald eagle before. We set out on the two hour journey to a small lake in Northern Michigan, hoping to spot the eagles that my husband and I had seen just a few weeks before. We were not disappointed. Not only did we see these beautiful birds soaring high above our heads, but we also watched as the male eagle came in to land in its huge platform nest. There he sat, supreme and proud, looking out over his kingdom, his huge beady eyes surveying everything in sight. Several hundred feet below the nest, a kayaker drifted lazily by, totally unaware of the majestic being above.
Friends, so many children are drifting by, totally unaware of the One who reigns on high from above. This is our calling. How can we make them aware of Him this week?
You are the God who sees. Genesis 16:13

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