Monday, July 22, 2013

The Only Explanation

Samuel David Steven Nellist. This brand new baby boy who entered the world late on Saturday evening is one for whom I have prayed before I even knew he was to be born. A precious second grandchild for us, and a beautiful first son for Steven and Natalie.
But Sam's birth was a difficult one for his mom. She endured three days in the hospital, two nights of agonized waiting, numerous medical procedures, and several hours of intense labor before her son was finally delivered by emergency cesarean section.
But now, as she holds her precious newborn in her arms, and marvels at the tiny miracle he is, and as his eyes meet hers, and her heart bursts with inexpressible joy, and love, and pride, I can just hear her whisper, it was all worth it. Because Natalie's greatest pain produced her greatest joy.
And only this fact, only this, could possibly explain why Jesus would endure the agony of the cross. Because his greatest pain produced his greatest joy. And every time we bring a child to know him, can't you just hear him whisper, it was all worth it?

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