Monday, June 4, 2012

Synchronized Steps

Click on the photo to see
Xander walking with his dad.
At 15 months old, my grandson is enjoying taking walks outside next to his dad. This cute photograph shows them out for an evening stroll. I can just imagine the little conversation they are having as they walk side by side, and that little boy's steps are perfectly synchronized with his father. But I know that their walks together are not always this way. Sometimes, when other families pass them by, Xander will turn around and start following them, walking in the opposite direction. Then his dad has to patiently turn him around, to get him back on the right track again. When Xander gets tired, I know that his dad picks him up and carries him along the way.
It's just the same when we walk with God too. He wants us to stay close by His side, our steps perfectly synchronized with His. When we get distracted, or tired, He will patiently turn us around, set us back on the right track, or even carry us along the way. 
Don't neglect to take a stroll with God today. He is waiting to have that little conversation by your side.


  1. Love that word "stroll"...feels like I've been walking fast this VBS week :)

  2. So good to know you are involved with VBS. You are right....there's no way you can stroll through that!Blessings to you as you minister to kids this week.

  3. i love how God gives us a photocopy of His heart for us in our hearts for our kids...

  4. This reminds me of the hymn, "He walks with me and He talks with me.."
    It is the greatest knowledge to know, He is right there, all the time. I loved to see the photo of that little grandson, with His daddy right beside and guiding him.

  5. Thank you Crystal! Bless you!