Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Camp

This past weekend I spent a relaxing two days camping with my church family in Reeds City, Michigan. On Saturday morning, we were organized into work crews and assigned different tasks to help clean up the camp. I was part of the crew that chose to work on clearing the River Hersey, so that it would be ready for those who would go paddling on it later in the afternoon. Our crew took several kayaks and canoes, and paddled downstream, picking up trash, and clearing debris along the way. As we came around a bend we saw a huge tree that had fallen across the width of the river. This was too large of an obstacle to move without a chainsaw, but several of the team managed to clear the branches from one end, so that the kayakers after us would be able to navigate around it. By the end of the morning, our canoe was full of trash, but the river was clean, and ready for those who would follow us.
As we journey along the river of life, Jesus has already gone ahead of us-  
to clear the way, to pick up our trash, and to help us navigate around those obstacles that fall across our path. What a wonderful lesson to teach our children. Life is never obstacle free. But He prepares the way. We just need to be prepared to follow.
I will go ahead of you. Matthew 26:32


  1. Hi Glenys, thanks for the reminder that life is full of obstacles, we just have to be prepared to follow Jesus to navigate them! david

  2. I love those devotions that happen in the middle of life. Those lessons seem to stick. Obstacles are always there, and I am too often tempted to try to clear a path in my own way. I am so thankful that God is the Banner that goes before us! I am glad He makes a way where there seems to no way!

  3. Thank you for commenting! That is so true!

  4. Thanks for this good lesson. Sounds like a fun time too. Kids are so important and Kids Ministry is important as well. Thank you for sharing with us on Spiritual Sundays.