Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Click on me to see
my newborn wispy feathers 
I had a surprise visitor this morning. A baby robin, bravely trying out her new wings, landed on my window close that I could see her wispy little newborn feathers and every dot on her chest. She balanced precariously on the edge of her narrow platform and turned her head anxiously from side to side. She was clearly in a predicament. Where was her mamma? The newborn had a difficult decision to make. Should she try to find her? Should she attempt to fly down to the garden below? Should she try to return to the nest?
The little robin did none of those things. She chose instead to wait, while I watched closely from behind the glass.
Several anxious minutes passed. The baby looked up and down, to the left and to the right. Finally, she opened her beak and gave her loudest baby cheep. And mamma came! Five minutes later, they were enjoying a tasty worm for breakfast. The little robin's patience had been rewarded, and I have a feeling that her mamma had been watching all along.
Waiting is hard. Trying to make difficult decisions, whether in our ministry or our personal lives, is hard. But sometimes, the best decision we can make is to wait on God. Because in the waiting, God is watching. And God will come.

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  1. Hi Glenys, You're right, in this instantaneous consumer world we want everything yesterday, but waiting on God is a discipline