Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Prayer

Over 4,000 miles away there stands a huge wall, the stones of which are all that remains of what was once an impressive temple. About two thirds of the way along the wall, to the right, and about six feet up, is a little piece of paper, folded and tucked in a tiny crevice between the stones. This little note is surrounded by thousands of other pieces of paper, some wedged tightly, some fluttering in the wind, some so ancient that the paper is yellowed, and the words illegible. But the little piece of paper that is folded and tucked about two thirds of the way along, to the right, and about six feet up, is special. Because it is my prayer...words of blessing and hope for my children, my grandchildren, my great grandchildren, and the children who will come after them.
What a privilege to have been able to stand at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, to hear so many prayers whispered and sung, by men, and women, and children; to see so many fingers reach out to touch those holy stones; to witness so many hands tuck precious prayers into tiny crevices.
We cannot overestimate the importance of prayer, nor underestimate its effect.
How are you praying for your own children, or those you minister to? Walk through your ministry space, or your home. Pray in the doorways, for those who will enter in and go out. Touch the little chairs and pray for the children who will sit there. Pray for their futures, for their parents, for their fears, hopes, and dreams, for their relationship with God. Pray in your rooms, that God's Holy Spirit will so fill that space that all who enter will breathe that life-giving spirit in.
Pray, pray, pray, without ceasing. Because whether your prayer is whispered, or sung, or written and tucked between stones, all are heard, all are special, and all are precious to God.

Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17


  1. Awwwwweee, such a nice post. I talk to Sam when nobody's looking, he's tucked away in my belly but still I suppose it's like praying together. Wishing for a wonderful future, working things out in my head, telling him how we will do our best as parents and as of late, trying very hard to stop thinking of how others effect me and there have been a few instances where i felt wrong was done but you simply have to pray to get through it all. Lovely entry Mum! xoxox

    1. It's wonderful that you are praying with your little son (and my grandson) already! He is one blessed little boy :)