Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Boat Builder, or Blogger?

As well as being a fantastic pastor, my husband is also a fantastic boat builder...
To date, he has built a wooden sailing boat, a canoe, and is currently working on his third design. I, on the other hand, write my blog. While I am putting pen to paper, he is working with wood. Sometimes, my husband asks if I would like to help build his boat. Then I ask if he would like to write my blog. Then we smile. Although I sometimes help him, I cannot build his boats. And athough he often encourages me, he cannot write my blog.
Each of us has a special gift that we are called to use for the Kingdom of God. We cannot covet what others have. We may sometimes help, admire, or encourage...but we cannot copy another's gift. We just need to discover our own. You have been given a wonderful gift, a unique talent. When each of us discovers what that unique gift is, and use it to God's glory, it becomes a perfect picture of the Body of Christ at work in the world.


  1. Glenys, I hope today's blog encourages other people to use their God given gifts!

  2. You inspired me the other day, fyi. xo