Monday, August 20, 2012

The Hollow Shoulder

Click on the photo to see
baby Stefan fast asleep.
My dad is 88 years old. Baby Stefan, his newest great grandson, is barely 4 months old. At a recent family gathering, Stefan started to cry. His mom was about to pacify him, when my dad said, 'let me have him.' We all watched as Emma handed her baby to him and my dad gently put him on his shoulder and began to pat his back. Within two minutes, that baby was fast asleep. He felt safe and secure and loved. Baby Stefan was lying in my dad's 'hollow shoulder'...a little refuge from the world, formed over the years from numerous babies that have nestled there, from his own eight children, to his twenty six grandchildren, to his eight great grandchildren. 
We all need a refuge from the world. We all need a safe, secure place, where we feel loved and cherished. God has a hollow shoulder too...a safe place formed over the years by generations of children who have rested there. And there is room for us there too. 
The one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders. Deuteronomy 33:12


  1. Hi Glenys,

    What a beautiful devotion and sample of heaven. Especially for your father and Baby Stefan, as this moment in time will no doubt inspire them both for a lifetime.


  2. What a beautiful post! What a blessing to have such an awesome, loving father!

  3. Well 2 awesome loving fathers actually!

  4. That is so sweet. Even babies know when they are safe and secure. Thank you for sharing.