Thursday, August 30, 2012

Family Ministry In Our Church

A Family Ministry Blog Tour has been taking place over the past two months. Over 60 different leaders, all involved in Children's and Family Ministry from many different denominations have been answering the question, 
What Is Family Ministry? 
It's a complex question, with no 'right' answer, because all churches are different, all families are different, and all ministry is different. So what does Family Ministry look like in my church? I could probably write a really complex answer, but to put it simply, our Family Ministry looks like love. We simply try to love every family that comes through our doors, or every family that we meet on the street, no matter what that family looks like
For me, Family Ministry is praying for, and with families. Family Ministry is asking families what they need from us. Family Ministry is intergenerational fellowship and fun. Family Ministry is about providing resources and opportunities that will enable families to grow in their knowledge of Christ and advance in their walk with Him. Most of all, Family Ministry is about creating a safe and welcoming environment, where no one is judged, but rather all are loved, because everyone that we meet belongs to God's great big family. 
Family Ministry then, is about serving, befriending, and loving others, no matter what their family looks like. Mom and Dad; Just Mom; Just Dad; Dad and Dad; Mom and Mom- it does not matter. Family Ministry is all about unity- uniting all of us, brothers and sisters in Christ, with Jesus as our Head. That's what matters.
I pray for those who will believe in me...that all of them may be one. John 17: 20

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