Monday, August 13, 2012

Castle Walls...

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the name inscribed in 1870
This time last week I spent a wonderful day wandering around the ruins of an ancient English castle. Occupying a commanding position at the head of Portsmouth Harbor, Portchester Castle was originally built in the early 3rd century and now stands as an impressive example of British medieval architecture. As I stood in these ancient ruins and made my way up and down the narrow, winding staircase, I couldn't help but marvel at all the history contained within these walls. In the 1800's the keep was used as a prison where over 3000 men were contained. In an effort to relieve their boredom, the prisoners carved their names in the stone walls, many of which are still legible today. But as I stood reading their names, I knew that the reason for this graffiti had to be far more than an activity to pass the time. In the midst of their captivity, these prisoners must have carved out their names because they wanted someone to remember them. They wanted someone to know that they had been there. They wanted to ensure that their names would not be forgotten.
Isaiah reminds us that God knows our names. In fact, they have already been inscribed...not on stone walls, but on the palm of God's hand. As Christians, we can remind our children that God remembers our names. He knows just where we have been. And we will never, ever be forgotten.
I will not forget you!
See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands. Isaiah 49:16


  1. I have always loved that scripture! I am so glad that He knows my name!

  2. Yes, our names is who we are and thanks God that he does not forget our names. I would love to hear one day that he uttered my name. Thanks for inspirational post and for visiting:)

  3. So honored that He knows my name.

  4. Hi Glenys,

    A very moving and touching story, as most people today fail to remember whom they met yesterday and so, it is quite comforting to know God will always know our name.


  5. What a wonderful adventure. I think it would be so interesting to go through the ruins of an old castle. When we were in Germany a few years ago cruising down the Rhine River we passed many castles high upon the hills. I thought then how fun it would be to see inside them. Names have always been important. In fact, I think many years ago they were probably more important than they are now, but isn't it great to know that they are all known by God. Wow, now that is mind boggling.