Thursday, July 5, 2012

Who's In Control?

A large pit bull terrier came bounding around the corner, straining at the end of its leash. I lifted my eyes to look at the owner and could not believe what I saw. This young lady, struggling to keep hold of the leash, was literally covered in mud, from head to toe. Shocked, I just could not help but stare. She saw me looking and explained breathlessly, 'He dragged me into the mud.' It was obvious who was in control here. 
I sometimes find myself being dragged into places that I don't want to go...not by a pit bull, but by pride, or discouragement, or fear, or negativity. And if I'm not careful, they can drag me into a place where I am questioning my calling, my effectiveness, and my ministry to children. But I cannot let them be in control. God is the One who called me. He is my encourager, my sustainer, my equipper, and my cheerleader. And far from dragging me anywhere, His preference is to gently lead. In fact, the only thing he makes me do is lie down in green pastures. Why would I not want control like that?
God is the One who called you too...let Him encourage, sustain, equip, and gently lead you as you answer His call. Like me, I'm sure you would choose green pastures over mud any day of the week.
He makes me lie down in green pastures;
he leads me beside still waters...
he guides me in paths of righteousness. Psalm 23: 2-3


  1. Yes, i want to be leadeth by God too. His hands is gentle. Inspirational post. Thanks !