Thursday, July 12, 2012

Galilean Sunrise

One early morning In the spring of 2013, I may just be standing on the shores of Lake Galilee with my husband, watching the sun as it rises over Israel. I am so looking forward to being able to stand in this holy place, and as I do, I know that I'm going to be remembering some wonderful scenes and stories from the Bible... Jesus calling His first followers from their nets; Jesus calming those stormy waters with just two small words; Jesus, the risen Christ, preparing breakfast on the beach for His disciples. 
Lake Galilee is the largest freshwater lake in Israel, and even though more than 2000 years have passed since James and John mended their nets on its shore, this lake is still a favorite fishing spot, full of life, sustained and fed by the Jordon River that flows through it from north to south. In complete contrast, the Dead Sea is a body of water in which no life can survive. Only bacteria can thrive in this salty place. The Dead Sea takes freshwater in from the Jordan River, but nothing flows out. 
You and I are meant to be vessels, through which God's Holy Spirit can flow. As we minister to children and families, we are to take Jesus in, and give Jesus out. 
Open yourself fully to the energy and flow of the Holy Spirit... let Him sustain and feed you, let Him fill you with life and love, so that you can feed others as you fulfill your call.
Dead Sea, or Sea of Galilee; dormant or dynamic; lifeless or lively...I know which one I want to be.
I have come that you might have life...and have it to the full. John 10:10


  1. What an amazing trip! Our family was blessed by a gift that sent all six of us to the Holy Land in March of this year. It was life changing! I hope that you and your husband get that chance!

  2. God willing, he will be leading the trip....I am so excited to be able to go with him & see all those wonderful places in person! Thank you.

  3. Can;t wait for our trip Glenys, I am praying for all those who God is calling to this Holy Land tour, that their hearts may be stirred to be dynamic and lively! David

  4. Then their hearts will be like yours xxxxx