Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Would Make Today Better?

Click on the photo to see the banner.
Early yesterday morning, I sat in a popular cafe, sipping coffee and enjoying a bagel. In front of me hung an eye catching banner, composed of different phrases. The restaurant had evidently surveyed their customers, and asked the question What Would Make Today Better? Their responses had been recorded on the banner in a variety of ways...some phrases horizontally placed, some vertical, each with different fonts and designs.
The banner read: Be Mindful; Breathe Deeply; Smile; Take the Stairs; Unplug. The finished result was pretty, and inspiring, but what was interesting to me is that the words 'Make Today Better' (which were, after all the whole reason for the banner) were placed, not in the very center, but off to the side.
Do we ever relegate Jesus to the side of our ministries? Does he ever get crowded to the edge, because our central focus is on our programs, or our children, or even ourselves? 
There can only ever be one Word that stands at the center of our ministries: Jesus. His name alone needs to take that central place. Everything we say and do must radiate from Him. All our goals, all our visions, all our dreams and all our plans should be centered around Him. Jesus can never be relegated to the side...He is, after all, the whole reason for what we do.
If you were to create a banner, with Jesus Christ at the center, what words would you include?


  1. Well said. Our fullest knowledge of God begins and is squarly centered on Jesus.
    My phrase for the "Jesus Banner:" Lord of heaven and Earth.

  2. And I would add on to that Make every day better! xoxox

    Thanks for the reminder! Natty

    1. Thanks Nat...He can make every day better!