Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Disappearing Church

The little French church on the hill
Two years ago I spent a week in a beautiful French chateau, surrounded by spectacular views and fields and fields of golden sunflowers. One of my favorite sights from the chateau was a little village church, nestled high in the hills about two miles away. One morning as I walked, I looked up at the church, admiring what a pretty picture it made. I went a few steps further and turned to look at it again- but that little church had completely disappeared. For a moment I was confused, and scanned the horizon, trying to find it. I knew it could not have moved! Then I realized that some trees were obscuring it from my view. In order to see the church again, I simply had to change where I was standing.
Is your view of God obscured? Does it sometimes feel as if He has disappeared? Like that little village church, God never, ever moves. He is always there for us. As we begin this new year in children's ministry, let's put ourselves in a place where we can constantly see Him, and if we do lose our view of Him, then let's be ready to change where we are standing.


  1. Thanks so much Matt. I really appreciate you checking on my posts & commenting. Hope that this year is a wonderful one in ministry for you.

  2. Hi Glenys! :)
    This is a great, great post. It makes me think about the journey that I'm currently on. It also makes me look back at past times when I drifted away from him. I should've just changed where I was standing... Everything is a learning experience though. Thanks for this post! I'm going to really keep this in mind!

    Hope your holidays went great! Best wishes for 2012!

    xo -S

  3. You are right Shar...everything is a learning experience. Don't look back & feel bad about those times you drifted away...God does not remember that! He only sees the journey you are on now & is there to encourage you. Thanks so much for the way you encourage me!

  4. Hey Glenys, I remember the church well, looked like something from Moonfleet. How true that the church seemed to disappear, but in reality it was still there. It really is just like our relationship with God, he never goes away, we just lose sight of him sometimes. David

  5. Wonderful memories Glenys. And when we went for the walk up the hill, the church was nowhere in our view, instead we saw huge sunflowers, slo berries and beautiful green fields. When we reached the top of the hill and turned the corner, there was the church, the same one we could see from down below at the chateau. It was there all the time, even though we couldn't see it. Marvellous, just like our Lord who never leaves us. Keep up the fantastic work with this blog. Love you x

  6. Oh thanks so much Pauline, for commenting & for your encouraging words to me. The photo of the church is yours..did you recognize it? Love you too!