Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Worthy of Imitation

'Hands together, eyes closed.' All the children who had been listening to the pastor's message dutifully bowed their heads, brought their hands together, closed their eyes, and in unison began to echo the pastor's prayer. All except one. Last Sunday morning was only the second time that five year old Lucita had been in our church. She did not know what 'hands together, eyes closed' meant. She did not know how to pray or even what it was. So Lucita looked at the child on her right. She looked at the child on her left. She looked at the pastor. Then she put her hands together, bowed her head and followed along in unison. Lucita is learning to pray.
Who is looking at you this week? All around us, there are children who are looking, listening, and learning. Let's be ready to be worthy of imitation.
Be imitators of God. Ephesians 5:1
Listen to this 2 year old sing The Lord's Prayer


  1. Hi Glenys,
    you know I am an atheist and that I can't find it within myself to believe as you do. However, I DO read your blog every time you post! I haven't before felt the need to respond but today I will. Excellent point! Perhaps from my point of view not the praying but certainly we do have a serious responsibility to all children to set an example. That's why there are so many obnoxious, cheeky, disrespectful and downright horrible kids around in the 21st century, not because they are horrible people per se but because that is the example they have been set. If more people were aware that when their kids are being 'naughty' what thy are seeing/hearing is basically a reflection of themselves then maybe things would be different. Nice blog, some nice things written here!

  2. Hi Mel!
    What a great surprise to see that encouraging message from you! It is so encouraging for me to know that people are reading my blog...especially my brother! I echo your sentiments entirely..it is so important for us to be good examples for our kids, whether we are Christians or not.
    The little girl in the story is a real girl & the pastor is, of course, David. I think I imitate dad......I collected her & her sister for church, as I did on Easter Sunday. Do you remember all those long ago Sunday mornings, sharing the back seat of our car with a host of neighborhood kids as dad rounded them all up for Sunday school? I think we have a good dad to imitate.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love Glenys

  3. Hi Glenys, great message, you're right, you never know who is watching you!