Monday, May 9, 2011

The Amazing Journey of the Plastic Ducks....

On 10th January 1992, somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 29,000 plastic ducks, turtles, and frogs destined for children's bath tubs in the USA were spilled overboard from their cargo ship and began an amazing journey. So far, they have travelled over 17,000 miles; found their very own North-West Passage to the Atlantic; have been sighted bobbing in the waters of Alaska, Japan, Maine, the Arctic and Hawaii and are now on course to invade the British beaches of Southern England later this summer, where they will undoubtedly bring joy to the children who discover them. How incredible is that!!
As we journey in our ministry, we never quite know where that adventure may take us. We never quite know how our course may be altered. But one thing we do know, like those little plastic ducks, we are destined to bring joy into the lives of children. How incredible is that?
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  1. This is super cute Glenys! Thanks for sharing! xo

  2. Thank you Natty! I thought it was a wonderful story too!