Monday, March 28, 2011

Without My Shoes

I recently had an interesting experience in was communion Sunday and the pastor encouraged us to think about the fact that we were standing on 'holy ground'. She invited us to take off our shoes as we came forward for communion. As I did so it was remarkable to me how the absence of my shoes made me feel.
Without my shoes I felt awkward, unsure and uncomfortable; my feet felt distinctly cold on the uncarpeted floor; my height was diminished and as a result, I felt less important and vulnerable. As I scrambed back to my seat and hurriedly replaced my shoes, I immediately felt more secure, more important, more safe, more relaxed.
But suppose I was meant to feel less important when I stood on that holy ground? Suppose instead of focusing on my own feelings and my own comfort, I was supposed instead to focus on Christ? Suppose as we serve in ministry, the times when we feel unsure, unimportant or uncomfortable are the times when Christ can work through us the most?
This week as we step into our classrooms, our ministry spaces, our playgrounds -wherever it may be that we meet with our children... let's put all our energy into focusing on Christ- because with or without our shoes, we are standing on holy ground.
Chris Tomlin: We Fall Down

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