Monday, March 21, 2011


March in Michigan heralds the season of potholes! In fact, The Detroit Press last week labeled Michigan as 'pothole paradise'. No surprise then, to hear on the radio that MITA- Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association- have sponsored an online registry whereby Michigan drivers can report the location of potholes. In a period of just two weeks, there have been over 650 potholes reported on this statewide registry, along with photos and comments from drivers. However, although this information is useful, MITA is powerless to actually repair these potholes-
the problem lies with state legislators who need to allocate the necessary funding to fill them in. 
Potholes are always best avoided in our ministry- but if we do find one, how fortunate for us that we can report it to One who is all powerful, One who will already be at work to fill it in...
after all, He is mightier than MITA.
Power and might are in your hand. 2 Chronicles 20:6

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