Friday, March 8, 2013

Walking on Water?

I have just returned from visiting the Holy Land and Egypt- a two week guided tour- an amazing adventure that filled my mind with a myriad of emotions and experiences. People ask me, 'What was the highlight of your trip?' It's a question that is difficult to answer, but out of all the places I visited, all the holy sites I saw, all the paths I walked, all the stones I touched, and all the churches I prayed in, I would have to say that my most memorable experience was not part of the guided tour. The time I remember most took place at 5.30 am on the shores of Lake Galilee...where my husband and I sat to watch the sunrise...
I perched on the edge of a rock, notebook and pen in hand. I watched birds fly through orange sky. I inhaled the scent of pure Galilean air. I closed my eyes and listened to waves pounding the rocks below. I felt their droplets splash cold on my face. I gazed out over this famous lake and realized something I had never thought of before. In this very place, Jesus did not just walk on amazing and unbelievable feat in itself... Jesus walked on WAVES!! And in that moment of clarity, my heart and my mind surged with a new appreciation of who Jesus really is, and what He can do. And I knew that the only reason He could walk on waters that moved, and rose, and swelled, and quaked, is because, like all created things, those waves lay beneath His feet. All things lie beneath His feet.
Tomorrow I will lead a workshop where we will talk about the challenges of children's ministry in the smaller church. They are many. But they are only waves beneath His feet. And just imagine... if we could harness His power, if we could be brave and step out of the boat, then maybe, just like Jesus, we could walk on waves too.


  1. I was at that same place a year ago. While I was on the boat worshipping I remember thinking "Would I get out of the boat and walk to Jesus right now?" I love that He walked no matter what the water looked like under His feet. He calls us to walk with that same faith and determination. Many blessings in your ministry! Shana

    1. Thank you Shana! I'm so glad that you were able to be there truly is a life-changing experience!

  2. More short stories of your visit plz. ;) Natty