Sunday, March 17, 2013

Change in the Air

Change is in the air. I felt it this morning as I walked around our neighborhood. Even though snow remains, and mounds of white still linger at the end of driveways, the inevitable is true...Spring is on the way. The snow will not last. One day soon it must give way to buds, and blossoms, and warmth, and new life. And the ice that stubbornly clings to the sidewalk and makes me lose my footing will not endure. I simply need to slow down, step more carefully, keep my eyes focused on the path I walk. But I will not turn back. I keep on going.
A change is in the air for the United Methodist Church too. And if you who read are one of those serving in one of our smaller churches, of which there are many...take heart! We are resurrection people. We believe in new life, new hope, new growth, new possibilities. And the obstacles that sometimes make us lose our footing will not endure. We simply need to slow down, step more carefully, and keep our eyes focused on what Jesus calls us to do. But we will not turn back. We will keep on going, for the mission to which we are called is far too important to abandon. And the power that is at work in those who believe is far too great to be squandered. And so we read our books, we attend our Vital Church Initiative sessions, we pray...all the while relying on God, who will melt the ice, and make straight the paths under our feet. Spring is on the way.

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