Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eye Contact

I stood and watched my little grandson as he played with the train set alongside several other children. At 2 or 3 years old, they were doing a pretty good job of sharing, but their parents still kept a vigilant eye just in case they needed to step in to reinforce the lesson. A little boy snatched a train from another and I watched with interest as his young mom stepped in. She crouched down alongside him and spoke gently. Look at me. She said. The boy ignored her. But she persisted, this time using his name. Josh, I need you to at look at me. Josh ignored her. His focus was still on the train he wanted. The mom would not give up. Quietly, but deliberately, she tried a third time. Josh, she said, I need to see your eyes. Right here. She motioned towards her son's eyes and then pointed to her own. Now she had his attention. Josh finally paused and turned to face her. Only when she had established that eye contact could she teach him an important lesson.
Honey, the trains are for sharing. Josh shared.
It is almost Christmas. While we are busy, and focused on what we want, God stands at our side, yearning for us to turn and face Him. God crouches down, calls us by name, and gently persists until we respond. Only when we pause, and that eye contact is established, can we truly learn the lessons He has for us.

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  1. Great reminder, sometimes we are focusing on the things that makes us happy and we don't even remember God. There are times that He reminding us but we just ignore it. I'm so guilty. Thanks for posting this message.