Monday, April 18, 2011

Sitting on Hope

Click on this photo to see the goose
hiding at Reeds Lake.
Yesterday, as my husband and I strolled along a boardwalk on the banks of Reeds Lake, we were met by a loud honking. A large goose was complaining about our company and warning us in no uncertain terms to stay away. Sure enough, as we stopped to investigate, we saw what he was protecting. Hiding in the trees, a female goose was perched on top of a beautiful round nest and as she moved, we saw that she was sitting on a large, cream colored egg. Its name was Hope.
For the next few weeks, that scene will be re-enacted down by the lake. With every new passer-by, that male goose will honk loudly while the female will dutifully sit on that egg named Hope. One day, her patience will be rewarded, she will have a beautiful little baby gosling and all her efforts will have been worth it.
Have you ever thought that as you serve in ministry, you are Jesus' Hope? You are His precious nest egg... guarded, protected and nurtured with unending patience, so that you can fulfill your purpose. If you can do that, then what He did for us at the cross will all have been worth it.
A Child's View of Easter

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