Monday, May 12, 2014

The Power of One

It is Sunday morning, 9.30 am. I walk into my classroom, armed with my lesson, which I have spent quite a lot of time preparing. And I am met by one solitary child sitting on the couch. I can't help it. I am disappointed. Not by her, but by the empty chairs that surround us.
Has this been your experience too?

And yet as I take my place beside this faithful young girl, and her mom who teaches alongside me, I remember that some of Jesus' most powerful lessons were taught, not to the crowd, but to the individual.

I remember Nicodemus, who after his night time encounter with Jesus, would undoubtedly use his position to quietly, yet powerfully, witness to the Sanhedrin.
I remember the woman at the well, who after her conversation with Jesus is so excited that she has the attention of the entire town.
I remember Zacchaeus, who after his meal with Jesus, would astonish so many with his utterly transformed life.
Jesus knew the power of one.

And so next time I walk into my classroom and I am met by one solitary child, I will not be disappointed. Instead, I will thank God for the opportunity to teach...because today, I might just be teaching a Nicodemus, or a woman at the well, or a Zacchaeus.

And I will remember the power of one.


  1. Lucy Cole, one of many dear saints at Snow UM, told me once that even when there is only one child (and with the church's size back then, was often so), that one child deserved the full lesson and full attention of the teacher.

  2. Excellent Glenys. Love your blogs. - Brenda Hendley

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