Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Painting Pictures...

It was 10am last Sunday mornng when my teaching colleague and I were shyly handed a note. Bordered with flowers and penned in neat handwriting, it was a thank you letter, written by one of our 5th grade students. The note read:
Thank you for being my Sunday school teachers....I enjoy reading AMAZING stories in the bible. I love to hear those stories because it paints a picture in my mind and I can picture what it was like.
I think I know just what that little girl means...because when I read those amazing stories, the same thing happens to me. God paints those same pictures in my mind...a heavenly artist who is constantly at work, not just in my life, but on the huge canvas of the world.
And although I cannot paint, in God's hands, I am an artist too... each one of us who teaches or mentors can be a brushstroke in the hand of God, bringing color and light into the everyday scenes of a child's life.
I don't teach so that I can receive thank you notes...but when I do, it confirms what I know all along...that on Sunday mornings, there's no place I would rather be than in God's hand...helping to paint a beautiful canvas.


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