Monday, February 27, 2012

Beyond The Fog.....

Click on the photo & try to see 
the 4 little ducks, the trees, 
the boat & the sky.

In the twelve years that I have lived in Michigan I have rarely experienced a foggy day. Yet when I lived in England, foggy days were as regular as the rain. This time last year, I was reminded of that fact as I stood on the banks of the River Dee, in Chester, England, my eyes straining to see what lay beyond the fog. I focused my camera on four little ducks as they paddled across the water, leaving only the merest suggestion of a ripple- but beyond that, there seemed to be nothing. Even using my best efforts, I could barely see the trees, the boat, the bridge or the beautiful sky. Even though I knew they were there, I could not see the beauty that lay beyond the fog.
When foggy days cloud our ministry, when even with our best efforts we cannot see what lies ahead for our children, let's focus instead on the One who is all seeing. We do not need to strain our eyes or worry about the future- God knows what is there...
and He can see the beauty that lies beyond the fog.
The Afters: Light Up The Sky


  1. Glenys,

    It's foggy what should I do?

    Great blog, it's good during these dreary winter months to know that God can see a bright future ahead!

  2. I love it. I no longer worry about the future. :D xoxo