Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just a Little Frost...

I stood back to admire the pretty pansies I had planted in the window box. How amazing that I could be planting flowers in the middle of November, when back in my hometown in Michigan, we would soon be getting ready for snow. But today I was in sunny North Carolina, where the temperature was in the 70's. Beautiful! The next morning though, my pretty pansies looked dead. They hung their heads, limp and lifeless as the frosty air surrounded them. But during the course of the day, those same flowers came back to life! As they felt the warmth of the sun, they turned to it, picked up their heads and began to dance in the wind again. With relief, I remembered that my little flowers can survive a little bit of frost.
Have you ever planted seeds of God's love in a child and then thought those seeds had died? Have you ever watched as a child you nurtured turned their back on God? Don't despair. There is nothing that can destroy those seeds. One day, that child will feel the warmth of God's love again and just like my pansies, they will turn and respond to Him. God's love can endure the harshest of winters. And it will surely survive a little bit of frost.