Monday, June 20, 2011

Nine Years Old...

Marnie is on the right. To her left is
 her new friend who lives in this 
Kentucky home.
When I was nine years old my days were filled with climbing trees, riding my bike, and bouncing around precariously on my Pogo stick. I had no clue what a chisel was, I had never heard of a pry bar, and the only paintbrush I had ever held was the one in my Painting By Numbers set. Marnie, on the other hand, knows exactly what a chisel is, can efficiently use a pry bar, and is not afraid to climb a ladder to help paint the soffits at the back of a house. Marnie and I just returned from a Family Mission Trip in the rolling hills of Red Bird, Kentucky- an area of absolute beauty but also abject poverty. As she painted alongside her new found friend who lives in this poor Kentucky home, Marnie learned far more than how to use tools. She learned what a privilege it is, at nine years old, to be in ministry with the poor. And that is far more rewarding than bouncing around on a Pogo stick ever could be.
Ministry With the Poor
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