Saturday, December 11, 2010

Deep Water

I remember well the day I learned to swim. I was about six years old. I felt relatively safe and comfortable In the shallow end of the pool. With one strong arm under my stomach, my dad supported me as I vainly flapped my arms and kicked my legs. I  looked out fearfully over the surface of the water towards the deep end and vowed that I would never venture there. I was always afraid of the deep water- it looked dark and scary to me. But that day, I realized that my dad had taken his arm away and I was swimming by myself! More than that, I soon discovered that if I dared to enter that deep end, I could do so much more! Not only did that deep water help me swim better, but it enabled me to do all sorts of exciting things that would not be possible in shallower waters....I could jump in, I could dive, I could do cannonballs. Deep water was great!
I sometimes think that we who serve in Children's Ministry like to stay where it is safe and comfortable. We paddle around in the shallow end, afraid to enter deeper waters. But if we dared to stretch ourselves, to commit even more, to try new things, who knows what we could accomplish?
Is God calling us to deeper waters? Let's be brave, let's dive in and discover all the wonderful things we can do! I think we might find that deep water is great!


  1. Hey mum, I like the new entry! I remember you & dad taught me to swim like that with your arm under my stomach... guess I know where you got it from now :]

  2. So you'll be able to teach your kids that way too!!!